About Us

Who We Are

We’re Lifeway Chiropractic and we’re on a mission to create a safe-haven against the madness of Multi-National, pharmaceutical, profit-driven "health-care"

Lifeway Chiropractic is a community where families, athletes, and regular people, come to learn, grow, and live healthier lives free from unnecessary medication.

Does Johnson County Really Need Another Chiropractic Business?

No, we don't.

In fact, we don't need most of the ones we already have...

But here’s what makes Lifeway Chiropractic different from all the rest:

When there is a chiropractic business on every block, with assistants cranking people through offices like a conveyor belt, Lifeway Chiropractic is unique because its a place you can spend time with your doctor. We don't put our patients in a mall chair, then rack them up, and crack 'em. We help our patients with exercises, mobilization techniquse, and strecthes, along with targeted chiropractic treatment, so our patients are empowered to maintain their bodies.

We love CHIROPRACTIC!! (And we’re pretty dang good at it.)

In fact, its getting harder to find a chiropractor that will actually put his or her hands on you. Even fewer who are adept at adjusting the full spine for both adults and children.

…but full-service chiropractic care is making a come-back.

We are making manual-adjusting, audible "popping", feel-good chiropractic available to the public again by making it affordable. We don't dress up our treatment in hundreds of dollars of un-necessary x-rays, expensive supplements, and carnival 'diagnostics'. Instead we do an exam to see if you are well enough to receive chiropractic care, and then we assess your spinal joints to see which ones need adjusted. If you aren't well enought to receive care, we will get you an uber or an ambulance to get you where you need to be.

Another way we have made chiropractic care more affordable, is by running an insurance-free, cash-based practice. You will know exactly what your care is going to cost. You don't have to worry about deductibles, and complicated co-pays. Sure, it's great that we can make your care cheaper, but more importantly, now your care can be determined by you and your doctor, instead of your insurance.

We hope you will experience the difference for yourself.