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Keeping Kids Healthy, and Helping You Keep Up With Them...

You may already be thinking about the benefits that chiropractic provides for your children, but here are some additional perks for you.

Proactive Health

Proactive Health

The #1 reason people seek chiropractic care is to get out of pain. When you switch from a reactive to a proactive wellness model, you will spend less worrying about pain, and more time chasing after what matters.
We Put Moms in Time-Out

We Put Moms in Time-Out

It's mostly moms that bring in the kids. And we love our moms. We know it's not enough, but we give our mom's 15 minutes of stress-reduced, aroma-therapy, muscle-relaxing bliss while their kids play or color under our supervision.
Reduced Healthcare Costs

Reduced Healthcare Costs

A recent study shows that adults who receieve chiropractic care average 40% less healthcare costs than their non-chiropractic peers. That is some serious savings, so go ahead, take the family to the movies and get the bottomless popcorn with the money you are not spending on medical bills.
Even More Serious Savings

Even More Serious Savings

Our Family plan is about wellness. However, sometimes things happen and someone needs to rehabilitate from a sudden injury. We call this Active Care, and our Family Plan Members save 40% on all their active care costs, which may include soft-tissue therapies like Graston, MyoFascial Bodywork, Exercise Therapy, Mobilization Techniques, or Trigger Point Release Therapy.
We Aren't Dinosaurs

We Aren't Dinosaurs

There was a time when the local doctor was the authority on health matters. But now patients have a team of healthcare providers, and are more educated about health issues than ever before. We are always learning stuff from talking to our patients, and by talking to other healthcare providers. Don't be talked down to you by some fossilized relic from the pre-internet era.
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Serious Adjusting Skills

We adjust people of all sizes, and we do it well. One patient told us, they hadn't had their neck "cracked" for over ten years, although they have been going to a chiropractor regularly during that time. This means that they were not getting relief from a fixated spinal joint, from a doctor whose entire profession is about that one thing. Don't be that patient.

What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Josh’s office is filled with wellness ideas and motivation. He gave a thorough examination of my spine, shoulders, and neck. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and personable, and I’m thrilled to be in his care. he gives great advice, and just being around someone who continually teaches new and innovative ways to care for yourself in your daily life is invaluable. His work on my back, with the home stretching exercises he advised me to do contribute to a fast, and tremendous full recovery. I feel very fortunate to find Dr. Josh!"


"Dr. Josh Lockrow is literally worth his weight in GOLD. I drive 45 minutes from Peculiar, MO to receive his care and attention! He spends time finding out how to best help and how to best encourage me to care for myself. I have had 4 visits in one week and so many of my ISSUES have been resolved. I trust him with my life and my husband has started to visit him TOO!"

What Makes Us Different

The PolyFocal Perpective

Huh-What? It means to look at something with more than one way of thinking

You've probably heard the saying, "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." It can also be said "when all you have is a script pad, everything looks like a prescription." Sometimes prescriptions are necessary, we don't just believe that, we know it to be true. However, we provide many different perspectives, to give you more options, so you can make the best decision for your child.


French Statesman Francois Hollande said, "Whoever pays should control. Whoever pays should sanction."

Insurance Companies agree. We've worked with these companies long enough to know that their decisions aren't based on the needs and what is best for your child.

At Lifeway, parents are in control, and parents are the ones that sanction care. We do it this way because it's the right way.

We Value Honesty and Simplicity

We don't hide costs in our care. We don't yank patients along a 2-3 day pony-show to get them to sign up for outrageously expensive treatment.

Our commitment to our patients, is that they know exactly what treatment will be provided, why it is recommended, and how much it is going to cost. And explanations are communicated clearly for everyone to understand.

We believe this is simply the standard of behavior expected from a doctor.

The Type of People You Take Home to Meet Mom

Some offices want to get as much out of a new patient as possible. We call this practice the "one-night-stand".

See, we're more the long-term commitment type.

We are not going to charm you while we fleece your insurance or your pockets.

We want to build long-term relationships, so we value trust and communication from the very beginning.

One of our goals is to meet your children's children.

We Are Equipped to Treat All Ages, All Body Shapes, Athletes, and non-Athletes

We truly are a one-stop healthcare solution for families.

Dr. Josh has specialized training in caring for newborns with or without oral tethers, and has had great success with injury rehabilitation for all ages.

The youngest person Dr. Josh has treated? Newborn, immediately following a traumatic birth. The oldest? A 93 year-old woman who had received chiropractic her entire life. She was in such good shape, that her friends in her community wanted to get adjusted too. Medicare no longer covered her maintenance visits, so Dr. Josh started figuring out how to make maintenance care affordable for everyone.

Gentle Manual Adjusting Skills

This is where it matters that Dr. Josh has received chiropractic treatment from two generations of chiropractors his whole life.

Experiencing first hand, over a thousand adjustments has given him an understanding for how a really great adjustment should feel. His technique is to use the least amount of force necssary, to leverage speed, and to prepare the region being adjusted so it is less tender. Many of our patients have been treated for decades by other chiropractors, and prefer Dr. Josh's method, to that of the other "hands off" methods.

A Message From Our Founder

Dr. Josh Lockrow DC
Founder and doctor at Lifeway Chiropractic

Thank you for visiting our website. I'd like to know your thoughts.

I've tried to pre-emptively answer the questions that I've heard from patients over the years.

Maybe you've noticed that this website is different than the other chiropractic sites you've visited. That's not by accident.

I am trying to do something very different in my city. I know a lot about how other practices are run. And sometimes doctors can start thinking in some strange ways about the patients who seek their care.

Some doctors think if you seek care form them you become "theirs," and you shouldn't be able to see other doctors. They even act hurt if you get a second opinion or try something new. That's Crazy!You have the right to see whatever healthcare professional you want. If you become a member of our practice, I promise never to "guilt" you from seeing someone else.

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(although we have limited availability for our family wellness plans, we prioritize newborns with breastfeeding problems since they need immediate intervention. If you are having pain breastfeeding, please don't wait for an invitation, please call us immediately.)