Let Us Tend to Your Child's Growth and Development

Regular Interventions

Be confident that whatever bumps and falls your child has, we will correct any structural imbalances that could have distorted her development.

Comprehensive Examinations

We are one of the few pediatric offices that are trained to assess oral tethers, along with neurological and muscular disorders.

Loads of resources

The amount of resources can be overwhelming. We put you in touch with the resources you need, when you need them, so you can spend more time enjoying your baby.

Continuous Core through Every Lifestage

We treat children and adults, so when you blink and your newborn is now a 1st seat trumpeter or champion soccer goalie, we will be there along the way, supporting his body through it all.

Drug-Free Interventions

You wouldn't feed your newborn peanuts and gluten. You don't want to put drugs in her body if you can avoid it. We provide drug-free interventions for common childhood ailments like ear-infections, reflux, colic, paindful-breastfeeding, and sleep apnea to name a few.

Trusted Referral Network

We firmly believe that good healthcare professionals are aware of their limits. In order to transcend ours, we have put together a trusted referral network to provide a truly holistic network of care.

Use Our Expertise to Reduce Your Stress, and Have more time enjoying your family (or watching Netflix...or both at the same time)

Here are the 8 core interventions we use to reduce your child's need for medication And provide a better chance for healthy development.

Oral Tether Assessments

Oral Tether Assessments

More children are born with these tethers every year. They are sometimes called tongue-ties, lip-ties, and buccal-ties. They can lead to Extremely painful breastfeeding, as well as airway restrictions that can put your child at serious risk for severe illness. We assess, and provide a multi-discipline, drug-free treatment approach unlike any other.


Too often newborns are prescribed adult antacids, there is no evidence or research to support this prescription, and no one knows the dangers because the drug has never been tested on newborns. We reccomend a more conservative, gentle approach as your first intervention.
Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Research shows that antibiotics are being wrongly prescribed for ear infections, and harming our childrens mental, behavioral, and physical development. However, this practice is still happening in our community. Please click here to learn how antibiotics retard childhood development and how we can protect your child from the devastating affects of antibiotics.


Babies are going to be fussy, and sometimes colic is over-diagnosed. But sometimes a baby is fussy because they are in physical pain. Crying in the baby's only way of communicating its discomfort. With chiropractic and soft-tissue therapies, we can get your baby (and you)to a more relaxed state.
Stumbles and Falls

Stumbles and Falls

Babies fall. Sometimes, they fall backward as they are learning to sit, sometimes they stumble over things, and sometimes they roll off of beds. It is important to get your baby ajdusted after these tumbles, so she doesn't develop abnormally. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree" -Alexander Pope


Poop is a big part of your life now. And it's a big part of ours. Dr. Josh has gotten real good at helping babies poop. Constipated babies are uncomfortable babies, and it creates a toxic environment in the intestines, which is your baby's "second brain" and critical for your baby's mental and behavioral development. Poop tells us a lot about what is going on in your baby's body. Rest assured we will ask you lots of questions about your baby's poop, and provide drug-free interventions when necessary.
Developmental Leaps

Develompental Leaps

When a baby goes through developmental leaps it can can be distressing. Especially if you are not prepared for them. We make sure to prepare you for the leaps to come, sometimes to the week...even day that they are going to occur, and what to expect when they happen. We've even planned around them. When your baby goes through a sleep regression, becomes super needy and fussy, and won't nap because of a leap, its nice to schedule that weekend for the couch, binge-watching that show everyone's talking about.


We provide drug-free, allergen-free, interventions to help reduce inflammation, and soothe your baby's gums. You could probably scour the internet and develop this protocol on your own, but is that how you want to spend the few precious hours when your baby is finally asleep. Don't worry, we got this.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up and Learn More

  • We want our office to be filled with the best-educated patients.
  • Our On-boarding email program, will get you up-to-date about oral tethers, pediatric chiropractic, and how we help kids grow.

Step 2: Get A Cup of Coffee...or Your Beverage of Choice.

  • Seriously, this is important, because it's going to take you some time to ....

Step 3: Download, Print, and Answer Our Intake Questionnaire

  • This is actually 3 steps, forgive us.
  • We ask a lot of questions, and they are all important to the health of your baby.

Step 4: Call and Setup an Appointment

  • Please plan for at least 1 hour for your appointment.
  • We plan on treating the same day, and that might involve lactation counseling from our board-certified lactation consultant, chiropractic, or myo-fascial work for your little one.
  • We may help you setup important appointments with other health professionals at this visit.
  • We will have some coffe and water for you, it will actually seem to go by fast.

Step 5: Breathe and Start to Relax

  • You will start to feel empowered, you can do this.
  • You and your baby's health will be well-cared for.

Who it’s for

Parenting Experts

There’s nothing harder than managing a team where everyone speaks a different language. So let us fix that for you.

Crunchy Moms

Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution.

Hipster Moms

When your team can truly deliver the goods, you can truly serve your clients...and increase billable hours.

The "Hot Mess"

Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about sales and marketing, so let us worry about it, instead.

PTA Momns

All our efforts to make this the most convenient, compelling program to parents, really comes from ourFERVOR to help protect the babies. The unvoiced victims of profit-drunk industries married to government, and lazy-minded health professionals who should be staying up to date with research and best practices, and living up to the oath of "do no harm".

Who it’s for

Parenting Experts Love Sprouts

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Sound familiar? Fortunately, there is a solution: It's called DigitalMarketer HQ. We’ll get your people on the same page, speaking the same language, and aligned to the same goals: increasing leads and sales.

Crunchy Moms Love Sprouts

As an executive, hiring and on boarding new team members is one of the most critical aspects of your job. But how do you hire for specialized roles such as “content marketers” and “community managers” when you aren’t an expert yourself?

This is where DigitalMarketer HQ becomes your best friend. Not only can we give you resources to locate your ideal candidate, we can also qualify and train them once they’re hired.

Hipster Moms Love Sprouts

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PTA Mom's Love Sprouts

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The "Hot Mess" Loves Sprouts

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What Our Patients Say

"I stumbled upon Dr Josh Lockrow who did a very thorough assessment and helped release my son's tight neck and back muscles several weeks in a row. I could tell my baby was more comfortable after these visits/"adjustments." Not only that, but he also provided tips for home and encouraged me to keep working at it. He explained many ways untreated tongue ties can affect children beyond breastfeeding - even into adulthood. I honestly might not have kept at it if it had not been for those visits with Dr Josh!"


My kids love their weekly visit to Dr. Josh's office. He displayed one of the pictures my daughtedr drew in his office, and it made my daughter beam. He really listens, and you can tell he cares.

What Makes Us Different

The PolyFocal Perpective

Huh-What? It means to look at something with more than one way of thinking

You've probably heard the saying, "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." It can also be said "when all you have is a script pad, everything looks like a prescription." Sometimes prescriptions are necessary, we don't just believe that, we know it to be true. However, we provide many different perspectives, to give you more options, so you can make the best decision for your child.


French Statesman Francois Hollande said, "Whoever pays should control. Whoever pays should sanction."

Insurance Companies agree. We've worked with these companies long enough to know that their decisions aren't based on the needs and what is best for your child.

At Lifeway, parents are in control, and parents are the ones that sanction care. We do it this way because it's the right way.

We Value Honesty and Simplicity

We don't hide costs in our care. We don't yank patients along a 2-3 day pony-show to get them to sign up for outrageously expensive treatment.

Our commitment to our patients, is that they know exactly what treatment will be provided, why it is recommended, and how much it is going to cost. And explanations are communicated clearly for everyone to understand.

We believe this is simply the standard of behavior expected from a doctor.

The Type of People You Take Home to Meet Mom

Some offices want to get as much out of a new patient as possible. We call this practice the "one-night-stand".

See, we're more the long-term commitment type.

We are not going to charm you while we fleece your insurance or your pockets.

We want to build long-term relationships, so we value trust and communication from the very beginning.

One of our goals is to meet your children's children.

We Are Equipped to Treat All Ages, All Body Shapes, Athletes, and non-Athletes

We truly are a one-stop healthcare solution for families.

Dr. Josh has specialized training in caring for newborns with or without oral tethers, and has had great success with injury rehabilitation for all ages.

The youngest person Dr. Josh has treated? Newborn, immediately following a traumatic birth. The oldest? A 93 year-old woman who had received chiropractic her entire life. She was in such good shape, that her friends in her community wanted to get adjusted too. Medicare no longer covered her maintenance visits, so Dr. Josh started figuring out how to make maintenance care affordable for everyone.

Gentle Manual Adjusting Skills

This is where it matters that Dr. Josh has received chiropractic treatment from two generations of chiropractors his whole life.

Experiencing first hand, over a thousand adjustments has given him an understanding for how a really great adjustment should feel. His technique is to use the least amount of force necssary, to leverage speed, and to prepare the region being adjusted so it is less tender. Many of our patients have been treated for decades by other chiropractors, and prefer Dr. Josh's method, to that of the other "hands off" methods.

A Message From Our Founder

Dr. Josh Lockrow DC
Founder and doctor at Lifeway Chiropractic

Thank you for visiting our website. I'd like to know your thoughts.

I have tried to pre-emptively answer the questions that I've heard from patients over the years.

Maybe you've noticed that this website is different than the other chiropractic sites you've visited. That's not by accident.

I am trying to do something very different in my city. I know a lot about how other practices are run. And sometimes doctors can start thinking in some strange ways about the patients who seek their care.

Some doctors think if you seek care form them you become "theirs," and you shouldn't be able to see other doctors. They even act hurt if you get a second opinion or try something new. That's Crazy!You have the right to see whatever healthcare professional you want. If you become a member of our practice, I promise never to "guilt" you from seeing someone else.

Information Request

If you are having pain breastfeeding, please call immediately otherwise enter your email, and you will be redirected to page where you can tailor the information you receive.